About Heirloom Coffee, LLC

Re-create the captivating experience of Vietnamese coffee at home in the USA by purchasing online the true native coffees enjoyed in the cafés of Vietnam, Sumatra, Thailand and the Philippines.

Our company, Heirloom Coffee, LLC, specializes in importing the best coffees from Southeast Asia, where heritage coffee stocks still flourish, largely untouched by Western coffee corporate culture.

If the thrill is gone from your cup of coffee, you can find it here again.


NEW: Papua New Guinea Arabica Coffee:
Green Unroasted Coffee Beans for the Home Roaster Organic, wild-grown coffee from jungle mountains so isolated, the coffee must be flown out by bush pilot! The taste is stunning. Exceptionally low-acid, richly aromatic, and full-bodied, with notes of chocolate and fruit. And your purchase helps save lives! Read more here.

Lotus Tea

It's back! Lotus Green Tea, which is green tea scented with lotus petals, was our best-selling green tea for years, but the brand we used to carry was discontinued. Now, at long last, we have finally found a lotus green tea that lives up to the memory. This Vietnamese specialty is now available on our green tea page. Try it as iced tea, it's amazing!

NEW: Binh An Coffee - Say hello to our newest partner from Vietnam! Binh An is a young coffee company producing premium dry-roasted (as opposed to butter-roasted) Vietnamese coffees. Now available at special introductory pricing for a limited time.